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Qua | 02.08.17

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"At CHAR co., we believe in people. The committed people behind small businesses and communities are the backbone of our society. These passionate individuals create opportunity, impact our towns, and change communities for the better."




Happy Wednesday, friends! If you have been following along with our brand journey, you will have noticed that it has definitely been a long process. Even as we clarify and bring to life the stories of other brands, we need to do the same for ours. And honestly, we wouldn’t be able to do this without our community of loyal followers. All of you, both old and new, have walked with us as we develop, change and grow our brand. You gave us your thoughts as we released new products and services, you had our back when we misspelled words on our website or when buttons didn’t work and most of all, you showered us with great encouragement through the ups and the downs. We have been working on our new website and after some trial and error, tons of brainstorming, months of refining and clarifying our own story, and countless cups of coffee, it is LIVE! But when we look at it, we really think of you and how much you were a part of helping to get us to this point. So we want to just say a huge thank you for following along with us on this journey! Follow the link in our bio to check out the new website!

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